Wine Bottles Explained!


The best and most unique thing about an Old Vine wine bottle candle is that every single one is hand made into a discarded old wine bottle which we have rescued and recycled. This means that every candle is completely different depending on the type of wine the bottle once held.  Not only will the shade of green of the bottle vary, but also the height and width.  There are two main wine bottle types; those with flat bottoms and then the more common ones which have a raised indent.  In wine terms, this is known as the ‘Punt’ and is a common character of wine bottles

You will find with our candles if they are made in a bottle with a punt, they will not allow the candle to burn all the way to the base, don’t worry this is perfectly normal.  Bottles that have particularly high punts are poured higher to accommodate this. You will find that some wax will be left around the punt. If you have a melt warmer or oil burner, we recommend popping the remaining wax in there to really maximise the fragrance!

Bottles with flat bottoms are generally much narrower than those which have a punt and they will burn all the way to the base (remembering of course that you should always stop burning 1cm from the base of any candle, you can visit our Candle Care page for more information on that).

Either way, which ever style of bottle your candle arrives in you can be assured of a number of things; you have a beautiful, unique and fabulously smelling candle, and every candle will have at least a 60+ hour burn time.


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